Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Everything you need to know about Israeli Propaganda

When Operation Edge began, and Israel wanted to amp up the nation to support their military operation (read: war), anytime Hamas fired a rocket the sirens went off in the whole region.

A siren means fear, running with children to a bomb shelter, middle of the night, in the shower... when the siren goes off you run.

And in case the wailing siren wasn't enough, Israel made sure to launch PSAs to inform people of the importance of running to a bomb shelter - and waiting in the shelter 'till 10 min had passed - just to be safe.

Now that Israel wants to de-escalate, and is trying to extricate themselves from their war footing hawkish posture, when a rocket flies now, at best a siren will go off in that specific city, certainly not the whole region.

Because the politicians amped up the nation - now a cease fire is weakness; and we can't have weak political leaders. So now they need to calm the nation down which means no sirens - which means the sirens previously were only for propaganda.

We are playthings for the games our leaders play.

Do they play these games for us or for them?

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Internal Struggle - Everything you want to know about being a geek

It's true - deep inside me there is a little boy who is just a geek.

But that's ok because there's also another boy inside who beats him up.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Operation Protective Edge - A thought from a Secular Israeli

Israel is at war again.

For the last few years the government of Israel has worked to find a way to bring Israel's ultra-orthodox, the 'charediim', into the military. That community has been fighting every proposal -They Do Not Want to Fight in the Army. Period.

Fallen Israeli soldiers - Where are the Charediim?

Found them! Here they are:

What Orthodox Jews do instead of military service

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Getting Old

I'm a Dad. I'm not that old, or I am really old, depends on which side you're looking at.

I had to punish my 8 yr. old boy the other day. I told him he was going to write lines. I hated writing lines when I was a kid, which is why it's a good punishment - suffering without violence and a repetitive message.

He of course told me that he'd be at my ex's tomorrow and she won't make him. I told him I would call her and make sure he did his lines.

And then it struck me, nowadays, when someone is doing lines, it's never about coke.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fomenting Hate

I don't think of myself as anything but a person, and not a very good one at that. But everyone tells me I'm left wing so I must be, I think.

I'm an American living in Israel. For a sorta Jew, I'm about as red white and blue as you get. Love the South, hate racism, don't mind racism in professional comedy, love free speech, hot dogs, pumpkin pie, gumbo and people smiling and saying thank you and have a nice day.

My daughter was moved here to Israel when she was 8, she's about to turn twelve. In the midst of this war, my wife baked cakes for the soldiers on the front line and we asked my two older kids (from my ex) to write letters to the soldiers. My ex is also called a lefty, but not as lefty as me. Just so you know the home influence.

My son didn't like how his turned out and ripped his letter up.

My beautiful sweet daughter wrote a letter and drew a picture on the other side. Look at the picture. You don't need kid's tv shows to inculcate hate. You don't need militant training camps. All you need is the corrosive influence of racism and hate that permeates a culture. Hate and fear are in the air.

Look at the picture my sweet beautiful darling daughter drew and tell me we are better than them. They are us.