Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Everything you need to know about Israeli Propaganda

When Operation Edge began, and Israel wanted to amp up the nation to support their military operation (read: war), anytime Hamas fired a rocket the sirens went off in the whole region.

A siren means fear, running with children to a bomb shelter, middle of the night, in the shower... when the siren goes off you run.

And in case the wailing siren wasn't enough, Israel made sure to launch PSAs to inform people of the importance of running to a bomb shelter - and waiting in the shelter 'till 10 min had passed - just to be safe.

Now that Israel wants to de-escalate, and is trying to extricate themselves from their war footing hawkish posture, when a rocket flies now, at best a siren will go off in that specific city, certainly not the whole region.

Because the politicians amped up the nation - now a cease fire is weakness; and we can't have weak political leaders. So now they need to calm the nation down which means no sirens - which means the sirens previously were only for propaganda.

We are playthings for the games our leaders play.

Do they play these games for us or for them?

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