Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Home Schooling

Public schools are usually not great institutions of learning. Even private schools frequently don't mesh with what the parents desire. But, the one thing that these facilities have in common is the chance that kids might be protected. There are alot of bad people out there. There are people who rape their kids, beat their kids, use and abuse in every manner concievable. Many kids never get the help they need from their school. Occasionally though some adult recognises what is happening and steps up to help the kid. Even though it is not 100% success, not even close, at least in a school structure their is a chance that the problem will be ferreted out.

Is there any chance at all that a home schooled kid will be protected?

Do you really beleive that there aren't parents out there keeping their kids out of school for just that reason?


SuperRaizy said...

That's a good point... I never considered the possibility that people might keep their kids out of school to cover up their abuse.

The Way said...

And I think we can even expand the thought: Not only are we talking about clear cut examples of abuse, but what about parents who mean well but just aren't great parents. Like the mom who stands over her kids and hits him/her every time they mispell a word on their home quiz.

There are many parents who are not beating or raping their kids, who mean well, (or don't mean too much ill) whose kids should at least have a chance at being protected.

I am not terribly familiar but I don't believe there is any of this type of regulation when it comes to home schooling.