Sunday, January 20, 2008

To Ad or not to ad

I am unsure whether I should keep this blog ad-free. On the one hand it might be nice to be paid, on the other hand I don't really like ads cluttering up my existence.

So before I figure Google out and make a decision about letting their service put ads on or not, I thought I would put up some pics of my kids and see if anyone wants to hire them.... as models or thespians or something along those lines.

This is Lia:

This is Michael Lorenzo:

They are both happy and hard-working kids. They both have lots of energy and can definatly handle a workday schedule.

Any offers other than livestock will be considered


Rafi G said...

you need an extra line space between the second pic of Lia and the words "This is Michael Lorenzo"...

So what kind of work are they experienced in? How much are they per hour?

The Way said...

baleing hay, picking cotton, construction, you name it.