Thursday, July 31, 2008

great salad

Healthy french dressing recipie:

Start with good fresh made hummos from your local deli or market, mix in a dash of heinz organic ketchup and fresh cracked coarse black pepper. Add rice wine vinegar to deisred consistency and taste. Feel free to add salt, paprika, cayyanne, garlic powder to taste.

Get your spices from "the spice house" fresh ground spices like nothing you've ever tasted before. They have a shop in evanston and the loop.


fresh spinach, drizzle a bit of the french dressing on...just a bit.
slice up some roasted red peppers
mince 2 sport peppers.
thin slice cross grain 3-5 ounces lean skirt steak. (either hot or cold)
pine nuts
french feta cheese
(sauteed mushrooms are optional)
drizzle of sesame oil
very light splash of balsamic oil

combine, lightly toss and enjoy.

yummy yummy yummy.

I made this yesterday after a crazy sick gym workout. It tasted great and felt amazing.

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