Tuesday, July 15, 2008

in the garden


God tells Eve not to eat of the tree.

The snake tells Eve to eat of the tree.

Eve tells the Snake, not only can I not eat of the tree but I should not even touch the tree.

Eve touches the tree and does not die.

The snake tells Eve, "well lookee there, you touched the tree and didn't die, I guess you can eat it too."

Eve eats from the tree.

Now, ignoring all the sexual innuendo I want to focus on the issue of Eve saying that she could not even touch tthe tree let alone eat from the tree.

What happened in that moment, is that in an effort to keep herself from eating from the tree she expanded god's commandment to include even touching the tree. It was in that expansion of God's words that created the opportunity for the fall. By touching the tree without consequence she was lured into eating from the tree.

There is a maxin that religious people have, in old hebrew/aramaic it is called "geder lifnay hadin" putting a fence around the rules. This maxim accounts for the vast vast vast majority of rules that the religios live by. They take a sentance or word out of the bible and expand the law into a contortionist and create a world of new rules to prevent themselves from breaking the literal rule.
For example, it says "don't boil a calf in its mother's milk" from that minor sentance the religios (jews for this rule but it applies to religios of all faiths) get that you can't have any dairy products with any meat products.

Sounds like they should go back and reread the story of Eve.

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