Saturday, January 24, 2009

what was jesus doing?

I had an interesting conversation. 

Over the years I spoken with a number of orthodox jews. I've asked repetedly a few basic questions that I think go to the core of ancient judaica. One question I've asked is how they understand the numerous instances when the Israelites were commanded by their god to completly destroy, to wipe out every man, woman, child and beast of those they were ordered to attack unprovoked.

I asked and recieve a few standard answers. usually they boil down to acceptance of god's will and thats that: no conflict at all with the sense of reality that exists today regarding the morality of committing genocide.

So this man I spoke to tells me: "this is what jesus was saying. jesus was a well educated rabbi, trained in the rabbinate as all men from the tribe of david, and he looked at the ancient texts and was saying 'guys, you have it all jumbled up. You've mixed in man's foibles, war and the minutia of endless law with the general guidlines of god's love and harmony. So lets dump the genocide and keep the lovicide."

I say this all the time. I also  refer to myself as the messiah. i even have a few disciples and am recieveing regular offerings of bread. HEAR THIS: messiahs do eat more than bread. Feel free to bring wine meat and cheeses as well.


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