Thursday, May 21, 2009

death by faith

In yesterday's Chicago Tribune there was an article about a young girl who died from diabetes shock. The doctors say that they could have saved her up untill the very very end had the parents just taken her to a doctor. Instead the parents spent days in prayer. They believed that her vomiting was their prayer excising the demons making her ill. At her end they were knealt over her, their arms raised in prayer to their lord.

A neighbor they called in to help pray at the end called the ambulence.

The parents are chraged with negligent homicide.

These are not people living in a forest. These people live in an urban setting in wisconsin. They moved their from California to open their own buisiness. I guess they didn't think God would cover their expenses and they need to have jobs.

So many people claim to believe. So why is it outlandish to imagine that prayer would heal? People have believed that for tens of thousands of years. Maybe they just didn't believe enough? or pray enough?

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