Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Machida will defend UFC title

Yes it is true and was recently announced . As I posited a few posts back, new UFC lightheavyweight champ Lyoto "the Dragon" Machida will defend his title against Quinten "Rampage" Jackson. The dragon not only has never lost a fight, he has never lost a round. I don't think Rampage is anywhere cloase to being the guy who can take out Machida. Now I just need Anderson Silva to take out Griffen and than we will  have one of the craziest and potentially one of the most amaing matches in MMA history.

Train hard Rampage. Machida made guys like Evans and Ortiz look like chumps.

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The Way said...

Imagine that. this is why i only gamble on cards or that little white ball. You just can't trust mammals. Who would imagine that Rampage would turn down a match for a title fight just to fight a grudge match against Evans?

So it looks like Shogun will get the first crack at Machida's belt.

Really? Shogun? I'll get that ppv for Machida but they better bring a body bag for Shogun.