Tuesday, August 4, 2009

'Child-starving' mom indicted in J'lem

MY favorite part of the article below is when the spokesman says that they will riot if the mom is arrested or if her conditions of house arrest are worsened. They won't even wait to see if there is a chance that this woman brutalized her kid. The child's safety is less important than making the point that the state has no power over these people.

How can the State of Israel, or any country survive with the rule of law so twisted to suit each seperate group? How can only secular jews be prosecuted? How is that at all ok?

I firmly believe that these types of issues will be the destruction of Israel long term. If the arabs were smart they would sit back and wait for Israel to tear herself apart. Then they could just walk in and scoop up the remains.

Here is the article, from the Jerusalem Post, no left wing rag:

An indictment was served Tuesday in the Jerusalem District Court against a haredi woman suspected of starving her three-year-old child over a period of two years. The woman's internment sparked riots in Jerusalem which lasted nearly a week.

The ultra-Orthodox Toldot Aharon sect to which the woman belongs threatened to renew riots if she is remanded again or if the conditions of her house arrest are worsened.
The woman underwent a psychiatric evaluation last week and was found to be fit for trial.
Since her arrest, the mother has consistently refused to cooperate with investigators, and has been erratic in appearing for both court hearings and psychiatric evaluations.
Her son, who weighed just seven kilograms when he was admitted to Hadassha Ein Kerem Hospital at the end of June, was discharged last Friday to the care of relatives. He gained at least three kilograms while he was hospitalized.
At the end of June, Toldot Aharon members rioted throughout religious neighborhoods in the capital in protest against the arrest of the mother. Only after police released the woman to house arrest did the violence subside.
Throughout the saga, the mother has maintained her innocence, and has insisted that her child suffers from multiple illnesses which interfere with his eating.

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Jason said...

Diversity without equality under the law is a sure recipe for social strife.