Thursday, October 8, 2009


In mid-August, a friend and I were talking, and we agreed that Uranium will be one of the best investments for the next 40 years. Imagine if you invested in oil 40 years ago.

I remember when I was a senior in high school: I think that was in 1992, and my science teacher said that nuclear power will save the world if only people could get over their irrational misplaced fears. I think he might be right.

I think the evidence shows nuclear energy has taken root. France, China and around the world, nuclear power plants are growing.

So my pick is nuclear / uranium ETFs. Easy to hold, easy to sell, no fees other than trading fee, a mixed bag of the uranium commodity and energy producers and miners.

Go forth and prosper.


Jason said...

I agree with you. The benefits of uranium (relatively cheap & clean energy) outweigh its unfortunate costs (storing the waste).

So, why is it so hard to set up a power plant in the US? Why are most environmentalists averse to nuclear power and why do most environmentalists throuw their lot with "renewable energy" that (barring aside a technological revolution) will never cover more than a small portion of our energy needs?

The Way said...

penn& teller have this show, "bullshit" on hbo and in one of their episodes they debunked the misconceptions and fears about nuclear power. The us is behind in many areas of science and falling farther. Nuclear energy is just one example of the world moving past. The same is true of stem cells, cloning, particle accelerators, space exploration.
People in the US look down on intelligence and science as if it is shifty and not to be trusted. ignorance is celebrated.

Jason said...

Good points, but what is the source of the aversion of many well meaning people to nuclear power? I suspect that it's because most are fixated on concepts (such as "green energy") rather than the reality of needed energy output and a cost-benefit-analysis.