Saturday, December 5, 2009


A lady I know took her children and left her allegedly abusive husband. She moved back to her parents home. The first thing people ask when they hear the story is, "so she's tired of being jewish?"

The lady was a convert to Judaism.

Maybe she is tired of being Jewish. After all, the local community offered her no support. The shelter for abused Jewish women told her to go home to her non-Jewish parents because there are few resources available for abused women in the orthodox jewish world. But she did not take the kids and leave her husband because she is tired of being Jewish. She is tired of being Jewish because she is tired of abuse with no recourse. She is tired of being jewish when most people never truely accepted her as Jewish. If they had, after all these years, their first question upon learning that she left her allegedly abusive husband would not be, "so she's tired of being Jewish?"

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