Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quarter Pounder with Steroids, Please

People like to find causes for their reality. Assuming, for every effect there must be a cause. As ifthere is only one cause. As if they can comprehend all the causes that led to this particular effect.

My friend tell me that girls are developing earlier nowadays. Maybe that is true maybe it is not. I don't know. But he then goes on to explain why girls are developing/maturing physically earlier in life.

"It's all the steroids and hormones they put in the meat. That makes 10 yr. olds start puberty."

Maybe he is right. I don't know. Maybe the gov't agencies that set up the rules, and the science behind cattle growth is wrong or inaccurate or incomplete. Maybe the steroids in the beef is causing girls to mature sooner; if they actually are.

Or, perhaps there is another cause for this affect. Perhaps the availability of food, sheer quantity of food is the difference. Girls who are malnourished achieve puberty later and miss periods, etc. People are taller than they were two thousand years ago. People live longer. Infant mortality rate is down. People like to eat.

How rare it is that someone has a cause stated accurately before an effect.

But the math of randomness apparently demands that occasionally some people will state prophetic like causes. If 10,000 people make 10,000 predictions, some are bound to occur. Most people only remember the few times they were right.

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