Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Hand In My Pocket

I don't mind tipping. In fact, it feels nice to leave a generous tip for good service and a nice meal out. I know the staff make crap wages and if I am out enjoying a nice meal I feel good dropping an extra buck or two above the standard rate.

Recently I have seen a disturbing new trend: drive through tip jars.

Maybe its a sign of the times: we have such a bad economy that people who are doing nothing but handing me a cup of coffee through a little window are now expecting a tip.

God forbid I ask for napkins.

And for that attitude I need to tip?

I am offended that they would even put that out there and intentionally try to obligate me into tipping for nothing. I am supposed to tip simply because I have the cash to buy a cup of coffee in the morning?

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