Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Same-sex couples in D.C. set to say 'I do'

Washington (CNN) -- Dozens of same-sex couples plan to marry in the District of Columbia on Tuesday, the first day that such unions will be legal in the nation's capital.

The new law survived a Supreme Court challenge last week, when the measure went into effect, but couples had to hold off until Tuesday because of a three-day waiting period.

I am in favor of equal rights for all groups.

I am especially pleased that news like this is no longer big news. There was a time, not too long ago, where any attempt to legalize or normalize homosexual rights within society was met with a swift and powerful backlash.
Now, this news doesn't even make the front page.

In my opinion it shows the success of the equal rights movement and the growing acceptance of equal rights.

Although, as a friend once told me, "there's no such thing as rights. Rights are a figment of our imagination. A right is that which cannot be taken away from you. Tell me waht 'right' you have that cannot be taken away."

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