Sunday, April 11, 2010

UFC 112 Recap

UFC 112 may go down in history as the Worst Pay-Per-View.

UFC 112 was an embarrassment and made the sport look bad.

I usually watch the PPVs at a friend's place. Last night he had some mma newbies. They were laughing at the sport.

BJ Penn lost his 155lb belt to Frankie Edgar in a decision. 25 minutes of hopping around.

Anderson Silva looked like a fool as he showed that he could decimate Damian Maia but did not.

Dana White, UFC Prez., said exactly what everyone at the viewing party said last night, ""If you're that talented, be Mike Tyson. go in there and finish," said White. "I'm so blown away and disgusted and saddened.";_ylt=Av8yOJTGXgNdJC2xdmsoI009Eo14

Matt Huges vs Gracie was unremarkable.

I'm so disgusted. I almost didn't write a recap.

I can understand why people would pirate stream the fights, I feel ripped off and don't feel like investing more money into future pay-per-views.

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