Saturday, May 22, 2010

Confederate Flag Waving Chickens

At least if an actual chicken was waving a confederate flag I would be entertained. But instead I am talking about humans, about good ole boys who love the confederate flag.

During our trip to Wisconsin I saw an ever rarer sight, a truck with the confederate flag.

I've never heard a confederate flag supporter admit that the flag might be a racist icon. Instead they hide behind mealy mouthed words like "souther pride" and "heritage." What a bunch of babies. Their souther pride and cultural heritage is slavery and the Klan. I guess that's why they can't admit their racism, because their fore-bearers wore sheets to hide their faces.

When you see a biker gang they wear their patches with pride. The same goes for neo-nazis and other racist groups, at least you know where they stand.

But the confederate flag wavers are castrated little mice, who scurry at the sound of loud noises and would rather operate in the dark, unseen and unheard, always dreading a cat or a trap or a real person.

If it ain't racist then why can't you find one black person who supports the confederate flag?

Is racism defined by the group waving a flag or is racism defined by the groups disgusted and offended by the flag?

At least I can say this, in my lifetime the flag has gone from accepted and often sighted to recognized as a symbol of racism and less acceptable publicly. Although that shift in attitude (or demographics?)didn't stop movie makers from releasing a new version of Dukes of Hazard a few years back.  I guess money is money, even when it comes from racism.

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