Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everybody Hates the Jews

Thats what Jews say. If ou have a different opinion then you must hate Jews.

Imagine: a US senator states the obvious, America is drowning in debt and is borrowing money from China to give aid to foreign nations. The senator says 'let's not give money to anyone because we are broke.' He didn't say, stop giving money to Israel, or f#* those Jews. He said, let's stop borrowing money to give away to anyone. And what happens? HE HATES JEWS is the outcry.


Even the headline from Haaretz and all the other newspapers is completely misleading. He only mentioned Israel when after he said, 'we're broke, we can't afford to keep giving foreign aid.' the first question he was asked was, 'do you mean we should stop giving money to Israel?'

and then the headline becomes: Senator calls to cut aid to Israel. You know why? Because HE HATES JEWS.

How disgusting and perverse.

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