Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Days of Rage, Jewish Style

The Arabs are protesting because they don't have enough freedom. Jews are protesting because they have too much.

"Settlers attack West Bank villages following outpost demolitions
Police and Palestinians say settlers threw petrol bomb into a house, damaged several cars in West Bank."


A small fringe group of Israelis build illegal housing on land which is not theirs. The land may be Israel's it may be Palestinian, but it ain't theirs.

They didn't have any housing permits. They didn't buy the land. The housing wasn't built to code or safety standards. The housing was not zoned to take into consideration growth and water and electric and sewage or any of the numerous considerations that go into developing public land.

And most importantly: It's Not Their Land.

But that didn't stop them from building on it and expressing righteous indignation and anger when the government demolished the illegal buildings. And now these same religious Jews are violently attacking Palestinians because the Israeli government demolished their illegal building on stolen land.

And then a Rabbi comes out and demands that the Israeli government discuss the situations, have dialogue with these criminals, before demolishing their illegal building on stolen land.

It must be a secular left wing conspiracy by atheist Arab loving Jew haters which is behind these racist attacks on these poor god-fearing Jews.

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