Sunday, March 13, 2011

Palestinian Response to the Baby Killer

The Israeli government and people often demand that the Palestinians condemn violence/murder/terror. So after the brutal killing of a baby in its crib, and 2 siblings and parents I thought I would look at how a Palestinian paper reported on the event.

Here is the official Palestinian response regarding the person who looked at a baby in its crib and killed the baby, 2 of the baby's siblings and their parents:

“Yes, in light of what happened last night in Itamar settlement in which an infant, two children and their parents were killed, we retreat what we always said about the violence being commented also against our people, we reject this violence and condemned it.” Fayyad told reporters.

And even this is buried underneath the headlines of "2 (palestinian) civilians injured by Israeli troops and settlers. And buried deep in the article does it even mention that the 2 (adult) civilians were lightly injured and treated when the army was hunting for the baby murderer.

Perhaps if the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people were disgusted and outraged by one of their own killing a baby and family they would have done the normal thing, which is find the murder and bring him to justice. Instead they protect this piece of filth; they protect him by comparing baby killing to violence done against them, as if their is equivalency.

Even worse than that, there is no equivalency in their reporting. They create the impression that lightly injuring 2 adults while searching for this killer is worse than than killing a baby in its crib and family.

Have all Palestinians committed this horrific action? No. But the Palestinian culture, the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people create the impression that they take pride in killing babies.

How racist are non-muslims, non-arabs, to accept this behavior and attitude, as if these people can't behave any differently. After all, they are Arabs, they are Muslim, what else can you expect from them?

Compare the Palestinian reaction to baby murder, to child murder, to sleeping family murder, to the almost wholesale and complete shock and condemnation when the rare event occurs when an Israeli killed Palestinian adults. But after all, that is when a Jew does something wrong, can you expect any less then Jews in shock and horror that a Jew would do something horrible?

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