Monday, January 16, 2012

Israeli Peace & Women's Sexual Desire

The religious claim that neither exist.

The right claim that Israel's neighbors don't want peace, all they want is to kill Jews. They claim that peace is impossible to achieve and therefore giving land for peace is a tactic to drive the Jews 1 step closer into the sea.

The religious also claim that men have sex drives that are almost uncontrollable. Women don't suffer from sexual desire but women are the cause of men's urges. Therefore, because men are so easily tempted and turned on, it is the women wo must be put out of sight to prevent men from being tempted.

Except in both cases the religious right are proven wrong by facts on the ground.

We know peace is possible because Israel has achieved peace.

Israel has peace with Egypt and Jordan. Further, Israel has a cold peace with a number of other countries in the region. Just read WikiLeakes and you can uncover even more instances of Israel working closely with numerous Muslim and other countries.

Similarly, men are not all diddling themselves in the privacy of their bathroom. These men are having sex with women. If women have no desire for sex, than how are these hyper-sexual men getting women to have sex with them?

The fact that Israel has peace proves that Israel can have peace.
The fact that women have sex proves that women also want sex.

It's unfortunate that the orthodox are taught from such a early age that everyone hates Jews and that Jews are the chosen people... and at the same time they are taught that men are weak and can barely contain themselves sexually and women must be especially modest and chaste... to protect men and because that is their nature.

Imagine what might be if people were taught that they are not especially special by virtue of their blood?

or imagine what might be if people were taught that although men and women may express desire differently, both have sexual desires and that behaviors between consenting adults are not twisted and deviant.

All I am asking is that people look at what is, and not just what they are taught.

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