Sunday, July 22, 2012

Solving Israel's Problems #1 - Marriage

I decided that it's time to address problems plaguing the State of Israel and offer concrete solutions.

Today's problem: Marriage.

The current system in Israel is flawed. If you are a Jewish and want to be married in Israel you must be married (and divorced) under the rules devised by Orthodox Rabbis.

The Rabbinate's rule is a theocratic system of coercive religion and undermines the fabric of democracy. On a more practical level, it is discriminatory and creates chaos for people who do not want, or even totally disagree with the Rabbinate's authority and religious ideology.

Here is how we solve the problem: We create a civil marriage track.

Any 2 consenting adults may enter into a civil marriage (and undergo civil divorce). Those who wish to get married by a Rabbi will follow whatever rules the Rabbinate sets for them and will be automatically registered in the civil marriage database.

Everyone gets what they want. Israelis won't have to fly overseas to get a non-orthodox wedding that is recognized by the state. And, Israel can start a tourist program to get married in Israel.

But the system must be changed. Theocratic law is destructive and must be countered. There must be

democracy and justice for all.

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Jason said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I wish the Ultra-Orthodox would realize that when you mix religion with the state via coercion, you corrupt religion. Because there is a separation of church and state, in the US, Chabbad is a beacon of positive persuasion, rather than coercion. And because they have to depend on they are not coddled by an overly expansive welfare state, the vast majority of Orthox Jews in American are productive and peaceful citizens.