Thursday, June 26, 2014

I am Not a Racist or do Jews Really Eat Matzah with Young Christian's Blood?

The birther movement against President Obama has been a modern day blood libel.

The movement has gone on long enough that a short recap should do: on the President's side is a Hawaiian birth announcement and official records. On the birther side is a Harvard Law pamphlet written by someone acquainted with Barack Obama and a number of conspiracy theories.

There is absolutely no equivalency between those two sides.

Furthermore, the language used to promote the birther argument was classic bile of other, different, foreign, doesn't share our values, not 'American', Kenyan (ie: black), Muslim and more. And even many of those on the right who do not share the birther argument specifically still used many of the birther's racist  terminology.

The racists, talking heads, and corrupt politicians were successful in creating a dialogue revolving around these points and convinced 41% of Republicans and another 19% of Independents that Pres. Obama was born in Kenya or somewhere not America and is not American.

Yet even now, at the trail end of the President's second term, right winger's are still out there claiming that the issue is not settled and that there is 'doubt' and that the issue has never been properly explored, as if someone who doesn't accept that the Earth revolves around the Sun has as legitimate argument as the rest of us.

I live in Israel where most of the people I meet are Jews and the vast majority of Americans I meet in Israel are right wing Jews who left America for religious/ideological reasons. As one said, "I could never vote for someone whose middle name is Hussein." They absolutely hate Pres. Obama here. Romney won the Americans in Israel vote by a landslide. They refuse to acknowledge the Pres. Obama has given more money and weaponry to Israel than any other president in history, "that's from Congress" they say. But every perceived failing is directly from the office of the president.

And when they bring up the Kenyan issue they claim that because they are merely asking questions but they are not racist.

So I wonder, do Jews really use the blood of young Christian boys to make their Pesach matzah?

I'm just asking questions. I'm not racist.

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