Friday, June 20, 2014

The Settler Solution

The Palestinians will never have a state. Period.

That is the settler solution. When pressed for why the response is - "because this is our land, we've wanted it for 2000 years, we have it, and it is our right to settle and enjoy our homeland from the river to the sea."

What's your solution? "One state, Israel. Annex Judea and Samaria and make the Arabs (aka Palestinians) Israeli citizens with equal rights.

Which is another way of saying that the real solution to the "Palestinian Problem" is some combination of apartheid, genocide, and transfer.

Of course good people don't believe that. Those are terms for bad people.

So the settlers say equal rights! Touching that they care so much about equal rights for the Palestinians.

The Palestinians can't have a state. Period. Especially because they would have no equal rights there. So they should all become Israeli citizens with full equal rights.

Which is so patently blatantly false. The settlers know that the Palestinians will never be annexed and given full equal rights as Israeli citizens.

And so every time settlers move into and build on disputed territory, that is more land taken from the Palestinians. As one settler said, "it's getting to a tipping point, Har Homa has cut Bethlehem off from Jerusalem, Male Adumim has done the same with Ramallah."

Supporting unachievable future equal rights is the method to cover present injustices.

Settling Judea and Samaria, the occupied territories, with the support of the government of Israel, sends the message that the settler wants to send: The Palestinians Will Never Have A State.

Which is code for Apartheid, Genocide, and Transfer.

How would you fight back?


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