Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fomenting Hate

I don't think of myself as anything but a person, and not a very good one at that. But everyone tells me I'm left wing so I must be, I think.

I'm an American living in Israel. For a sorta Jew, I'm about as red white and blue as you get. Love the South, hate racism, don't mind racism in professional comedy, love free speech, hot dogs, pumpkin pie, gumbo and people smiling and saying thank you and have a nice day.

My daughter was moved here to Israel when she was 8, she's about to turn twelve. In the midst of this war, my wife baked cakes for the soldiers on the front line and we asked my two older kids (from my ex) to write letters to the soldiers. My ex is also called a lefty, but not as lefty as me. Just so you know the home influence.

My son didn't like how his turned out and ripped his letter up.

My beautiful sweet daughter wrote a letter and drew a picture on the other side. Look at the picture. You don't need kid's tv shows to inculcate hate. You don't need militant training camps. All you need is the corrosive influence of racism and hate that permeates a culture. Hate and fear are in the air.

Look at the picture my sweet beautiful darling daughter drew and tell me we are better than them. They are us.

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