Sunday, July 6, 2014

Settler Revenge

By now everyone who cares about these things has heard the story of the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped and killed.

As revenge for their murders the settlers of Israel - which operate with support of the government of Israel, has decided to build on more occupied territory.

The above article is one of many; the day after the bodies were found Israeli cabinet members called for immediate settlement building in occupied territory.

How is building in occupied territory revenge for murder?

Simple. By building in the occupied territory you

a) increase the amount of jews in the occupied territory making removal of them in the event of a peace deal near impossible. Removing 5000 jews from Gaza nearly split the country apart, wait till they try removing 500,000 jews.

b) break up any contiguity to a potential Palestinian state - with settlement blocks break up any connection from arab town to arab town.

c) force more Palestinians off their lands and into ghettoes where water, electricity, and movements are all under martial law.

d) prevent any possibility of a 2 state solution.

Building settlements in occupied territory is the non-violent form of creating a combination of apartheid, genocide, and transfer.

Hard to keep crying you're the victim when you refuse to acknowledge your own actions.

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