Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thou Shalt Rape

"That which exists in your mind, exists. That which you do not know does not exist" 6th cent. Japanese Swordsman Muashi

If a tree falls in the forest it only makes a sound if you know that if fell.

So what do we know about the bible (Old Testament)? We know that which was written, defined as stories, history, diary, compilation, laws, rules, guidlines. From those written words we have hosts and legions of writings and oral explanations; a library of thought.

And yet nowhere are to be found four simple words, "thou shalt not rape."

Plenty of space for prescribing what to eat and not eat, but the closest the bible comes is describing a situation. Here is how the bible touches on the subject: If a woman has sex in a field and cries out for help than it is considered forced, if she does not cry out than it is considered consensual." And what is the punishment for the offender, should it be considered rape? The judgment is as a property crime where the man is required to pay the victims Dad approx. $12,ooo-$15,000 in todays usd. He is also required, unless she refuses, to take her as his wife and care for her. Remember though, in the era of the bible marriage was polygymous and he must take her to his "tent" because she is damaged property and no-one else will marry her.

Intresting I find the story of Simeon and Levy, two of Jacob's children who wiped out the city of Shechem when they discovered that a man from there had raped their sister.
So apparantly rape illicited strong emotions even back then.
And what was their punishment for mass murder in retaliation for a property crime? Their dad gave them a stern lecture. No Kidding. That is what it says. That is what we know. That is what exists.

What exists now is a different understanding than what existed in the bible. Now women exist as seperate human entities with worth and value as more than property. What exists now is an understanding that rape is wrong and against the law in todays moral climate.

Why isn't it in the bible?


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The Way said...

"everything can be bought, including men's soul" muashi