Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Steroids in Sport

Steriods in sports: the latest boogyman.

Frankly I don't understand the problem, why not steroids in sports? What's the problem? If an athlete wants to enhance their performance, what's the problem? Sports change all the time, baseball today is vastly different than in the era of Babe Ruth. Walls are lower, balls are bouncier etc. What is the problem with steroids? An unfair advantage for one player? If one player has better gear, if the yankees can afford three times the payroll, if there is no level playing field to begin with than why draw the line at steroids?

I say, let them take whatever they want. I want a good sporting event. I see no difference between steroids and other modes of enhancing one's ability.

Hey I know, let's send proffessional athletes to jail for use of steroids, that will be a worthwhile endevor.
Oh wait, they are going to jail for lying about using steroids? Well Bush will pardon them. Obviously if Scooter Libby desearved a pardon for lying about outing a CIA agent than clearly perjury about steroids warrants a pardon.

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