Thursday, January 17, 2008


The government's job appears to be to make their citizens criminals. Laws and laws and laws are passed, and when those laws fail they pass more laws on the same issue; on every issue. Taxes and fees and fines.

The other day I stopped by a coffee shop to grab a quick bite. Standing in front of the shop on this cold january day were two people who asked me if I had time to talk about global warming.

I laughed.

So incandescant lightbulbs have been outlawed while coal plants spew forth in a day what all the lightbulbs use in a year.

The jails are filled with non-violent criminals and Chicago passed a law banning fois gra and a natural root that people chew to get high, but does anyone feel any safer?

All this ties in with Jew Hatred. It all comes from the same place. Many people only feel comfortable in familiar and stable situations of conformity. The Jew is unique to most people, outside of the mainstream. And rather than allowing people to make their own choices, society desires an average. A difference creates a vacum of thought in a person's mind and spirit; and nature abhors a vacum. It matters little whether we are talking about fois gra or Jews, if the people in charge want it one way, woe to the people who are different.

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