Thursday, January 17, 2008


Expanding on the thought behind the last post:

I feel bad for vegatarians; animal lovers not the ones who do it in a misguided health scheme.

People are predators. That is part of our nature. From a scientific point of view we can break down how we arrive at that classafication:

We have eyes in the front of our skull and not on the sides. All mammals in the animal kingdom are split into these two catagories. We surmise the reason to be that predators need a straight line of site and prey need to watch their backs.

We have canines.

We have a digestive and metabolic system capable of transforming consumed flesh into energy.

So people are predators. We are also much more than just predators, but all those other instincts and labels fall under and are biased by our most primal instinct. And there is no reason to label it good or bad, it simply is. Why deny who you are? You can't change it. You could be the meekest and mildest andmost vulnerable person ever, you could be ghandi and your classification is still predator; just not a very efficient one.

So vegatarians deny their most basic instinct. They have a vacumn in their mind, the dissonance between what they think and who their genes have created.

The same is true of all control and differences. Laws are created, and people behave in a manner consistent of a struggle. We struggle to balance what we think with who we are.

I think we should practice our breathing and eat more hot dogs.


Rafi G said...

I love eating meat. a dairy meal is not natural (or filling).

The Way said...

And vegans don't even eat dairy.

I wonder how they justify the sensless slaughter of insects in their vegetable massacres.

Rafi G said...

I have always been disturbed by the senseless slaughter of the cucumber. I hear the cucumbers crying in the night about their friends on the vine that have been lost to the violent attacks perpetrated by humans.
That is why i try to stay away from veggies as much as possible. It hurts me too much to eat the poor creatures.

pumbaa said...

i was talking about this with a buddy of mine and he pointed something out that i think you overlook.
we are omnivores. we are of the few predatory mammals with molars. our body is capable of digesting meat but it isnt required. and some studies show that vegetarians are healthier.

Jason said...

I am not a vegatarian, but I don't think its necessarily as illogical as you make it out to be.

You imply that its illogical or unatural because it goes against our natural desires and design.

But, isn't that the case for any ethical decision, be it personal (philosophical) or traditional (religious)?

As humans we are wired to want to screw every lovely woman that walks in front of us and senselessly pummel every man who thwarts our desire...but most of us don't.

Obviously a huge part of this is fear of consequences. But, each of us has experienced instances in which we could "get away with it" and yet we choose to not fulfill our desire.

This "unecessary" supression of desire is the foundation of personal and collective ethics.

So, not eating meat is not that different from deciding not to screw or fight everytime we desire to do so. I for one, won't give up on meat.