Monday, July 21, 2008

at the adult bookstore

The other night was a friend's birthday. We went downtown, all rushed and last minute but as always nice resteraunts downtown come through in a pinch and put on a spectacular dining event.

I will probably write more blogs on food, both home cooked and resteraunt, at a later date, I love great food. Suffice to say that the resteraunt was phenom and at 1 am we staggered out and were ready for a nice walk in the early morning air. Of course we couldn't walk more than half a block without being hit up for change. I gave the guy our doggie bag which in retrospect was terribly mean. There was this homeless guy begging for money while holding a bag from Ruth's Chris... and to top it off, all I had left over was some creamed spinach and etc.

But we crossed the street and went into TJ's Adult bookstore, which has been there forever and for all the time I've been in that area I've never stopped in, so we did, we went in. And we wander about, and gigle, and we find some products which piqued our interest. So we are looking at a few items near the front counter, about to check out, and the guy behind the counter starts offering (unsolicited) advice on our choices; which was both helpful and sleazy.

But then he says, "it's really healthy that you two are here together." And I thought to myself, really? really really? do I really need relationship commentary at the same time you're charging a guy 2 bucks to get into a peep show? Maybe it was healthy maybe it wasn't, I know for sure that that guy didn't know.


Quixotic Dancer said...

NOOOOOOO way. No way, no way, no way. I can't believe this. I need more information.

What were the products? I think that might be key.


The Way said...

Well the aisle with all the gadgets are near the front counter. As we were standing in the aisle I could see his eyes light up when I asked her if she'd be up to trying a ball gag. Then we were looking at whips and that's when he jumped in on our moment...but in truth it got worse, he started telling us all about dildoes and other items... he was like a puppy dog trying to impress hoping that we would be so smitten with his sex toy knowledge and psychological health that we would ignore his girth and hygene and have a three way.

eeeeew gross.

Quixotic Dancer said...

EEEEEEEwwwwww. Gross. Right. You really need to wonder about the people who WORK in those stores, you know? I mean, they could just be trying to pick up some extra cash to support their newborn or Habitat for Humanity or something....but come on. Someone who knows all about the shit in a sex store and then makes recommendations?

I don't know what I'm saying here...I think I'm on dangerous ground especially for a "stripper"...but I just think those people are creepy.

Okay, I said it. People who work as cashiers in sex stores are creepy.

The Way said...

This guy was a lifer. There is no way he was working to support a newborn. In fact I suspect that his withered genetalia are incapable of anything but dry heaves.

The difference between stripping and cashier are a massive chasm. Like the difference between a tough guy and someone who talks tough.

strawberry96 said...

i can't belive it tell us more information!!!


The Way said...

What info you looking for strawberry?