Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cows vs. geese

Jason Spulock, from the psuedo-documentary 30 days has a cable show along the theme: someone lives for 30 days doing the opposite of their normal life, omnivore as vegan, evangical with a gay couple etc. I watched one recently wherein a hunter lived with an organic sustainable farm run by a group of animal activists. Like the hunter, by the end, while I am still happily an omnivore, I am more concious of the conditions the factory cows live and die in and try to eat only organic or high quality animal products.
As it is you really only need 3-6 oz. of protien per day, so limit your meat intake in general.

But I think about the chicago ban on fois gra and wonder why we care so much for the geese but would anyone pass a law banning beef?

And the same disconnect applies on the left wing, they won't drill for oil but have no problem with wind farms which will kill birds by the thousands.

And the real disconnect is this: all these problems and their problematic solutions are completely unneeded. They are phantasms. They are real problems, but they are fake. They don't need to be problems and have bad solutions. They can be avoided with a minimum of mindfulness.

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