Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just got back.

Took the last week off for a last minute getaway to Washington D.C.

A friend of mine who works for united called me last week and said, "I've got three free 1st class round trip tickets to Washington, you want em?"

He also had a car for us to use and a mansion with servants for us to stay in...nice.

We had a fantastic time, one thing you have to give the feds, they make sure that they never have to deal with potholes. Our capital city is visually stirring with loads to see and do. And all the museums are free admission.

The only glitch came at airport check in. Both there and back we were treated to the vip security experience. On the way back my friend was at the airport with us. I asked him if our special treatment was random or with cause. He hopped onto the system and came back with a big smile.

"Congratulations," he beamed, "you've made the terror watchlist."

I guess over clam chowder at the pub someone overheard me bitching about the poloticians and the gleaming ivory/gold towers where they reside.

Ain't it a great country. You want to strike gold become a federal polotician.

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