Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An atheist case for Israel

What is Israel? How do I feel about Israel as an atheist Jew? Should there be an Israel? Should there be a country that defines itself and doles out rights to its citizens based on their religion?

I've struggled with these questions for years. Not only present day Israel but the biblical account of how the early Jews conquered and settled the land has troubled me. The historical and the present are intertwined, can there be a reason for Israel's existence without the backing of the Jewish God?

Yes. There is an argument for the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.

Regardless of belief or not in any theology, I am a member of a tribe called JEW. I am also a member of a tribe called AMERICAN. Right now the two tribes are able to co-exist harmoniously. If there was a war between America and Israel I would have to choose between the two tribes or someone would choose for me.
If you are muslim you are a member of that tribe and mecca or persia or somalia or wherever is your tribe and your tribal homeland. if you are buddhist than you are a member of that tribe and your spiritual/physical homeland is Tibet or India or China.

Without land a tribe will die. That is why natives in America were given land, the gov't of America decided to stop the complete genocide of the natives. And if you don't want to commit genocide than you have to give them land so their tribe will not die out.

So if all the tribes in the world, all the brits and chinese and italians and muslims and japanese and every tribe, if everyone wants to collectivlly give up our seperate tribes and we build something new together than great, we can give up Israel or the concept of JEW. However, until every tribe is willing to create one new unified tribe, than Israel is forced to exist. Israel must exist for the native tribe of Jew to survive. Israel must exist because each country and each culture struggles to survive and thrive.

So it does not matter what type of Jew am I. All that matters is that I am a jew and choose not to switch tribes. I could. I could become a muslim and turn to mecca. But I am a jew and cannot not be a jew and not support Israel unless everyone and every state and every tribe is willing to disband our borders and cultures and create something entirelly collective and new. All the world needs is one border anywhere in the world and Israel by default is justified in its existence and the importance of its existence. A tribe needs land to survive.


Jason said...

Well stated.

The Way said...


Jason said...

We could say that paradoxically, once we reach the point in which the presence of a tiny Jewish state (that comprised less than 1% of the land mass of the mid-east) stops being so mortally offensive to millions of moslems and lobotomized leftists, a Jewish state will cease to be a necessity.

The Way said...

aren't paradoxes fun?