Wednesday, May 13, 2009

reverse discrimination against the pretty people

I disagree with Miss California. As the Donald said, "no one would care what she thinks if she weren't really beautiful." And she is. She said, roughly, that she is glad that gays can and do live together and have great relationships that are for the most part open and accepted by our society, but, she is oppossed to "gay marriage."

She was castigated for expressing that opinion. She was put through the wringer by a bunch of petty jealous and less pretty hypocrites. Barack Obama expressed the exact same opinion and it got him the support  of the gay and left wing community.

I happen to disagree with both the hottie and the proffessor. I believe that gov't should grant civil unions to any group or consenting adults that wishes to enter such a contract. If you want a religious ceremony of marriage, which by default would grant you a civil certificate, go to your place of religion and preform your religions rituals.

But if she were a man, or a less pretty woman, no one would have given her that level of blowback even if they did care what she thought.

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