Saturday, August 29, 2009

If the Palestinians

Imagine if a group of Palestinians were protesting in Jerusalem to honor their holy site. And let's imagine that their protests involved throwing things, diapers and rocks and trash. What would happen?
Imagine if a group of Palestinians were protesting for the release of an adult who tortured a little child to near death. And let's imagine that their protests involved throwing rocks and lighting bonfires and ripping down street signs. What would happen?

I will tell you what would happen. The police would be called off and the IDF would be called in. The IDF would shoot tear gas and rubber bullets and disperse the protesters.

And yet, week after week after week the Orthodox Jews hold these disgusting vile protests for disgusting vile causes and what happens? The torturers get released. The police stand their powerless. The men under thirty are not rounded up nor are they barred from entering an area.

Something to think about.


Anonymous said...

You make it sound like this is a posssibility.

However, you miss one important fact.

If it was a Muslim holy site, the government / police / mayor would not have the nerve or the desire to antagonize the population.

It is only because it is the holy Shabbos that is being tramples, and the lowly chareidim who are protesting that the governmant / police / mayor insists on antagonizing them.

This idea is well documented throughout the history of this wonderful anti Yahadus state.

Sure its a Jewish country and they love Jews, but only if you reject Hashem, the Torah, and the Mitzvos.

The Way said...

Cute, what are you talking about? The police often bar Muslim men 30 and under from attending prayers at the golden mosque. The IDF has dispersed protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets.
And was the mother who tortured her child not freed after charedi protests? And similarly, last year, was the young kollel man not freed after beating his baby to death after charedi protests?
Are you saying that the garage was allowed to by the municipality specifically to upset the charediim? Even though they made numerous arraignments to have it opened in a way that minimized any impact on the charediim?
You may say that the state is anti-religious but the facts do not bear it out.
I guess a inability to see and respect the other side of an argument is another aspect that the charediim and the fundamentalist palis have in common.

Jason said...

To "cuteguy999dave" - it sounds like you are making a far too general point. If you focus on the incident in question I am sure that you'll agree that these particular Hasidim are deplorable for defending a child killer.