Sunday, August 30, 2009

UFC 102 Recap

Well I was batting 100% on my picks untill last night. I went 0-2 on the blog and 1-4 in my non-blog bets.
Coture was amazing but Big Nog is only 33 and looked faster and stronger than Captain America.
And Nate the great destroyed Damian. He never even had a chance to come close to taking the fight to the ground.

Those two fights aside. My one right pick (in real life$$) was Vera the truth over krystoff the polish experiment, but that was a no-brainer. The complete upset in my mind was Chris The crippler loosing. I've never been a huge fan of Chris Leben and banging in the center of the octagon is not a long term plan for survival in UFC, ask forrest about that game plan. But I did expect him to win and win strongly. I was way off base. Luckily I did not bet much (because I am pretty broke).

All in all, a great night of fights. A real solid card. And a humbling experiance for this fight picker. But that is the joy of MMA, anything can happen in the ring. Two people enter and it is all on them. Nothing else matters when they shut the door and ring that bell.

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