Monday, August 10, 2009

UFC 101 Recap

As expected, Anderson "the spider" Silva took out Forrest Griffen. And BJ Penn Took out Kenny Flo Flo. The rest of the card was ok.

Who can stop Silva? I don't see anyone in the middleweight division except maybe maybe Dan Henderson, and that is really just props for being an Olympian. In the light heavyweight there is Machida and Maybe Rampage.

Imagine if he went up to heavyweight. SIlva vs. Mir, Silva vs. Lesner, Vs. Coture, Vs Feodor?
WOW. But that will never happen.

After demolishing Forrest there is no way GSP would stand a chance. That fight would only hurt GSP's legacy. Just like BJ took a big hit after he lost to GSP so decisively.

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