Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Child Rape

A man raped a thirteen year old girl.

The rapist plead guilty to the charge, so this is not an allegation.

The rapist, while out on bail awaiting sentancing, fled the country.

The rapist was arrested overseas on the outstanding warrant.

The rapist has generated support and calls for his freedom by artists and liberals worldwide.

The rapist is Roman Polanski, a famous movie director.

Why? Why does anyone want him to go free and unpunished? Why is there a double standard? If this was a story about a priest or Rabbi no one would bat an eye or shed a tear if a cleric recieved their judgment. Why does a movie director generate support to free him from the crime he admitted to of child rape?


Jason said...

It's simply mind boggling. Is it that some people consciously or unconsciously feel that artists are part of a caste that is beyond the rule of law?

The Way said...

It completely boggles the mind. Its like the liberals who are so anti-Israel but dont protest the way gays and women are treated by Islamic countries.