Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Now for the Yang

Just to prove A. Biderman's point: that the Holecaust has already been reframed in our minds:

A charedi friend of mine told me a story of someone thinking about moving to Israel. When asked what he would do for a living he said he had the greatest idea ever. He said, "I'm going to open a pushcart, or a small stand. I will sell fries (chips). I will sell all kind of fries with dips and toppings. They will come in a bag. People will love 'em. I'll have sheet metal put on the outside of my pushcart. I'll make it look all prison-like and I'll have a big sign just like the origional that says ARBEIT MACHT FRIES."

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Jacqui said...

I get so upset when I hear people make holocaust jokes. I agree, the holocaust has been reframed in people's minds. Nothing funny at all about the holocaust.