Thursday, March 4, 2010

Strikeforce gets sloppy seconds;_ylt=AiKcPfur0I0SNA1yqjEzK7s9Eo14?slug=ys-mmaweek030210&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Arlovski, former UFC Champ, signed with Strikforce.

The headline does not reveal the true story here: With the exception of Dan Henderson, Strikeforce has signed "former" champs of the UFC who were dropped from UFC because they had no shot at reclaiming their belt.

So they get a bunch of castoffs and throwaways and want people to think that they are in the same league as the UFC.

Dana White said it right when he called them StrikeFarce.

And I am even loosing faith in the one great heavyweight Strikeforce has: Fedor.

The "Last Emperor" is still a brilliant fighter. But his last few fights were: Brett Rodgers, Arlovski, Sylvia.

Brock Lesnar, the UFC heavyweight champ, would have destroyed those guys. If those three were in the UFC today none of them would be in title contention. Maybe Rodgers will be in a year or so, like cain velasquez in the UFC, if he doesn't get the yips first.

Strikeforce might have a good plan: get some names and build a name while developing a pool of talent. But in the meantime Fedor is getting older and tick tick tick and Fedor will never be truly the greatest heavyweight mma fighter of all time under the Strikeforce label.

Lets see Fedor and Lesnar, Fedor and Mir, Fedor and Coture. Instead we get Fedor vs. leftovers. How tragic for mma fans everywhere.

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