Friday, April 9, 2010

UFC 112 Picks

The UFC is going to Abu Dhabi in the UAE for UFC 112. Here are my picks:

[title fight] Anderson "The Spider" Silva will demolish Damian Maia. Maia has amazing Ju-Jitsu but Silva is the best fighter in the MMA world. If Maia makes it to the third round I will be impressed.

[title fight] BJ "The progidy" Penn vs Frankie Edgar: Anouther match between a great champion and a fighter who just isn't at that super elite level. Bj will take it in round 4.

Matt Hughes vs Renzo Gracie: Matt Hughes takes it. Stronger and great wrestling and faster will trump Gracie's brilliant BJJ.

Check out the rest of the card at :

In other MMA news, Roger 'el matador' Huerta, a fan favorite, one his first fight back into the world of MMA. Huerta now fights under the Bellator label. A shame really. I'd love to see a remtch between him and Clay Guida in the UFC. But either way, best of luck to you Roger.

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