Thursday, June 3, 2010

Israel Botches Gaza Operation

I am staunchly pro-Israel when it comes when it comes to defending our rights as Jews and/or Israelis and our existence in the land of Israel.

This is not a criticism of the soldiers actions or the need for a blockade on Gaza.

This is a criticism of whoever designed the Gaza op. The commander responsible for putting the plan together should be sacked. To put your soldiers in the stupid position of having to defend themselves, to lower them down one by one onto the deck during the day was a stupid decision.

As one soldier said from his hospital bed, "we didn't think they would attack us."

You don't base a military action on the hope that it may be peaceful, you try to prevent an attack. How about during the night, or drop some tear gas, or have a bunch of soldiers board at once.

What has happened to the Israeli army?