Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Jobs Americans Won't Do

I hear that as an argument for allowing unfettered and unchecked immigration into the USA, that these illegal/undocumented aliens/immigrants take the jobs that Americans won't.

Except that is not true.

Every time I go to a state like Wisconsin, where immigration has not become an issue like in a major metropolis, I see Americans working the jobs that immigrants take in the larger cities. They are college students and single moms and farmers and folks who need work. These people work in the food industry and the building industry and housekeeping and all the other jobs that the pro-immigration group argue Americans won't.

What country in the world allows unfettered and unchecked access across its boarders?

I have not heard any mainstream argument against immigration or as a racial issue. I have heard people arguing about making sure we know who is entering the country and how benefits are distributed.

But the pro-immigration group would have you believe its all about race or how lucky we are that we have these people to take the jobs no one in the USA wants.

How about a little intellectual honesty in these issues/ Wouldn't that be nice for a change?