Monday, September 12, 2011

Silly Jews

Israel is a strange place full of silly Jews. When it comes to criticizing Israel on policy they demand that you separate Israeli and Jew into separate ideas. But they want Israel recognized as a Jewish country and is bound and based upon Jewish (religious) history and rules. Does anyone else see the problem here?

So an example of silly Jewish behavior: The Israeli society is based on a 6 day week with Saturday as the day off. Kids go to school sun-fri. Many people have Friday off work but many do not.

Here's what's crazy. Saturday, the one day off, just about everything is closed, except for specific spots and some gas stations and a few restaurants here and there. No public transport, no grocery stores just about nuttin.

I mentioned to a few people how crazy this situation is, that the one day people have off they can't get anywhere and do anything.

The response is: this guarantees that everyone gets a day off.

But that is a specious argument. Places are closed because god told these people to keep Sabbath and so they pass religious based laws forcing religion on people. Plenty of non-Jewish countries found ways to guarantee everyone gets a day off a week without shutting their country down for a day a week.

I really wish religious people would be honest. Instead of trying to find secular arguments to justify their religious behavior I'd rather they just say, we believe in god, our god said this, and we have the political power to make it happen.

Don't tell me you're forcing everything to close for my benefit, I don't need your help thank you very much. Don't tell me circumcision is healthy because that reason plays no part in why it is performed. You do it cause your god says so. If you're going to live like you're in the middle ages at lease have the balls to stand behind your actions.