Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Jews are Hated and why Turkey gets away with it

To be the master you must kill the master.

1st. We carry a label. Right from the start we are in a category, regardless of what a non-jew knows or doesn't know about jews, we have a label. Having a label is fine when you're a majority, but when you're a minority most people you meet regard you as different. And different always carries a level of cognitive dissonance, aka: a freak out factor.

2nd: many jews are obviously different, whether through their dress or food requirements or just not working on saturdays; increasing the fear factor.

3rd: wht is the place as the jew. How can we exist when the other religions are so much more populated and came after the jews... we should have died off and be studied by academics. Our existence is an affront to their world understanding.

4th: we came first. (not with everyone, but with the people who don't like us. The Chinese for example, are fine with Jews. Which is a case in point.) Can Christians and Muslims take their rightful place as leaders of the world as long as old man jew is still around? It'd be like a CEO living at home with his mom.

5th: we just won't die.

I meet a lot of people from Russia and France and South America who tell me they left because of Anti-Semitism. I can't relate. I grew up in the U.S. I simply don't have that type of exposure to Anti-Semitism that they've had.

So maybe it's the American in me who thinks 'if they come with a knife, you come with a gun, they send one of yours to the hospital you send one of theirs to the morgue.' I hear an awful lot of Jews saying Thank God we have Israel or we could easily be wiped out. But I don't see Israel walking the walk. I know Israel is busy with all sorts of conflicts, but Jesus Christ guys, don't be such pussies.

Turkey is talking some serious smack and the best we can do is wring our hands and bitch and moan. What's the definition of insanity? Why doesn't Israel stand up for herself. Not with the same lame boring arguments that know one cares about unless you're the one making the argument, but with righteous zeal. Israel should be louder. Stand up fer christ's sake. Raise the roof.

This is what happens when you're busy making Nobel prize winners. You get a nation of geeks who get picked on.

Its ok, when we grow up we get all the hot chicks.

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