Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Presidential Religious Litmus Test

Ken Starr recently wrote an article calling on Americans to ignore Romney's faith as in America there is no religious litmus test to be president.

Ken Starr  is correct.

And yet there are a few nagging points which need to be made.

Where is Ken Starr on President Obama? As a leader in the GOP he writes an editorial for a presidential candidate from his part but says nothing as his party continues to paint President Obama as a muslim. He allows this behavior to continue because the President's religion does matter to a large percentage of the population.

Yes, there is no religious litmus test in America. A qualified candidate may run for office no matter his or her religious beliefs. But why does this mean that the voter should not take the candidates religion into account? If a Mormon Democrat was running for office do you believe that Ken Starr wouldn't take that into account when he decided who to vote for?

So what we really have here is once again, the leader of a political party wrapping himself in the cloak of righteousness when in truth, he flings rhetoric to gain more power.

Yay for democracy!

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