Saturday, February 4, 2012

"corporations Are people... my friend"

Yup. Mitt Romney is right when he said that corporations are people.

Mitt was referencing the supreme court which upheld corporation's right to donate to political campaigns as they too have a right to freedom of speech.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart had a funny take when they said that if corporations are people than Mitt Romney was a serial killer.

And while they made their point hilariously, they touched on a much deeper issue, that people have more responsibilities and less benefits than corporations.

People in a society are members of a social compact. We used to live in tribes and over tens of thousands of years we have transformed tribal living into large societies. But as people, our basic structure remains the same, we live within a group and most of us live within the accepted guidelines of the society... we uphold our social compact so that we can live as social beings.

I'm a capitalist. I'm all for corporations making money.

But if corporations have the rights of people, than they should also have the responsibilities of people.

In a community people shop, live, hire and interact. People instinctively recognize that we need to rely on and support each other in order to thrive.
Corporations rely on our communal structure to make and transport and sell their goods. The police that protects the community protect corporations as well.

And yet if a corporation decides to move overseas or outsource in order to cut labor costs or taxes, than how are they abiding with the terms of the communal social compact?

People are bound by law and their community regardless of their geography. If an american goes overseas and does something which is illegal in the states, they can be prosecuted in the states for their behavior overseas; for example, pedophilia.

And yet American corporations can hire slave labor or what we regular people call slave labor, with no legal consequence.

If Corporations are people than they have rights and they have responsibilities.

If corporations are not people than get them the hell out of polotics.

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